5 hour session for £12.50 at all our holiday clubs

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Superstars Sports Club run sports parties for children aged from 3 to 11 years old. There are a variety of sports which can be selected from the list below and the party will be tailored to meet the child's and your requirements. The main aim of our delivery of the party session is for everyone to join in and have fun, and make the day memorable for both the birthday child and you. Each party will have two fully qualified sports coaches to run the party.

The venue is the sole responsibility of the party holder, but we are able to give recommendations of halls used in the past. We are usually looking for a hall the size of a badminton court or slightly bigger, with no obstacles or posts in the centre of the hall. We want the children to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible, and as such, we believe the bigger the area for the children to play in then the more fun they will be able to have; as it gives the coaches a chance to walk around and give one on one advice in more space.

Package One Price £100
* One and a half hour of sporting and fun activity appropriate for the age of the children
* One coaches to run the party upto 15 children
* Birthday Party invitations
* Medal for every child attending the party.

Package Two Price £135
* 1 1/2 hour of sporting and fun activity appropriate for the age of the children
* Two coaches to run the party upto 30 guests (additional coach can be provided if the numbers rise above 30)
* Birthday Party Invitations
* Medal for every child attending the party

I have a number of contacts for good venues, so please feel free to ring me to ask for further details.

Below is the sporting activities that we can provide as a theme for your child's sports party, if you wish for a different option please discuss. 

Sport Description
Football Run by a qualified football coach. Recommended for children over 5 year old
Multi Sports Children have opportunity of trying out 4 different sports such as football, hockey and basketball. Any options can be considered. Highly recommended for children aged 3-8.
Dance Run by a qualified dance coaches.  Your child can pick various themes i.e street dance, high school musical, glee, pop song routine.  We highly recommed this for children aged over 6 year old.
Rugby Run by a qualified rugby coaches.Recommended for children over 6 year old
Cheerleading Run by qualified Cheerleading coach. Children will learn about moves, chanting and pom pom dance.  Recommened for children over 6 year old
Basketball Run by a qualified Basketball Coaches. Recommended for children over 7 year old.
Netball Run by a qualified Netball Coaches. Recommended for children over 7 year old
Hockey Run by a Qualified Hockey Coaches. Recommended for children over 7 year old
Minor Games Run by our multi sports coaches using our extensive range of minor games.  Recommended for children over 6 year old
Sports Day Made up of various races, team events and fun games. Recommended for children over 6 year old