Superstars Gymnastics Academy, running across multiple centres across the North West.

Training Programme

At Superstars Gymnastics academy we have multiple different venues distributed across the
Northwest offering fun and interesting recreational gymnastics sessions. We believe in
gymnastics being an inclusive sport and every child should be given the opportunity to be
able to participate in our sessions.

During the sessions, the gymnasts will learn and perfect new skills, as well as develop core
strength, flexibility, power and coordination. The gymnasts will also learn skills such as
patience, discipline and determination that can then be carried throughout life.

With the help of our experienced and qualified coaches, gymnasts will work on basics up to
more challenging skills including cartwheels, handstands, rolls, balances, walkovers and

Catering to a wide range of abilities, we have something for everyone. Whether they are a
beginner or an experienced gymnast, everyone is welcome to come for a trial session.


For further information about the Gymnastics Academy
please contact us via phone on 01925 555859 or email: