REFUND + EXHANGE POLICY for our Holiday Clubs

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Just to clarify our exchange and refund policy…. this is a very strict policy and we need 3 clear working days so if you are looking to change or cancel a Wednesday you need to tell us the Friday before, if you need to change a Thursday u need to tell us the Monday before and so on.
This is clearly advertised on our leaflet, when you book online you have to accept our terms and conditions, and this also comes with an email replywith said policy.
We cannot change this due to i confirm staffs details a few days before hand, and as i give you all the best staffing levels in the North West 1 coach to 10 children (better than what OFSTED recommend or want), if numbers went down, it could mean i have to cancel a member of staff. I am sure you all appreciate that you would personally not want to have your shifts cancelled, so please respect this policy and please adhere to this ….. We are here to keep your children SAFE by providing good staff ratios ……..