Click the above to taken to our Safeguarding Training. To complete the training you must score at least 24 (80%). You can retake until you get the required score. Once completed you will receive a certificate via email to bu uploaded to your BrightHR (this will make sense after completing all this New Starter Steps). Please now move on to Step 2.

Click the above to taken to our Compliance Form. Please complete the form in full before moving on to the next step. You will need to use an email address in order to upload the photos required.

If you do not currently have an in date Enhanced DBS, please click the above link to fill in our form with your details for us to process one for you. If you already have an in date DBS move on to Step 4.

Once completing Step 2 a Bright HR registration email will be sent to you. This is NOT automated and can take up to a week of completing Step 2 to be sent. Whilst this is sent to you, you can still complete the above training (you will receive another certificate to upload to BrightHR), and download the Blip! app.

Prior to the start of each camp you will receive an email through Bright HR to read and accept the Superstars Work Agreement prior to your first shift.

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