Laser Quest Parties

We can do a party size of up to 30 people for a single game, meaning we can do a maximum of 15 a side. If the party consists of more than 30 people then the teams will be split evenly and one team would need to sit out each round.

New for 2023

This year we are taking our brand new Laser Quest parties in to the woods, bringing all your favourite games like Fortnite & Call of Duty to life.

Check out our Laser Quest in the Woods video below.

Laser Quest Gallery

We have a number of venues contact numbers that we use on a regular basis, so please feel free to ring us or email on for suggestions.

To book a party, ring us today on 01925 555859 for availability, where the date will be provisionally held for a period of 7 days. We only take a definite booking when you have rung us, and giving us full details with your card details. We then hold onto your card details, and take payment out the Tuesday before the party in full. In the event of a cancellation, we would take a deposit of £40 from the card.