We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Dance Academy, which will run across multiple centres across the North West.

TrainingĀ Programme

Our aim is to offer a fun environment to learn dance so the children can learn how to dance while also having fun.

We provide only high-quality lessons.

The dance program will run as 10 blocks, in these blocks your children will learn different types of dance styles so they can grow in a variety of dance styles. This will also lead to a showcase.

The blocks will run over two weeks so they learn and grow over the two weeks in that one style of dance. There will be a showcase 4 times a year for a chance to see your little dancers performing and seeing what they have been learning in the sessions.

TimesĀ and Locations

For further information about the Dance Academy
please contact us via phone on 01925 555859 or email: info@littlesuperstars.co.uk