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Superstars Sports and Dance Holiday Club have been running for 10 consecutive years since starting in 2007. During this ten years we have expanded to provide you with 12 different venues for your children to attend including activities such as lego, art club and trampolining that coincide with our ever popular football, multi sports and dance camps. Every enjoyable session that the children participate in are fully risk assessed as well as the venue as a whole which is available upon request.

All our staff at Superstars are DBS checked and have extensive knowledge in their field whether that be multi sports, dance or any specialist activities we are offering on that particular day/week. Each member of staff ensure that your child’s day is structured, safe and engaging with the flexibility for the child to choose their activity at any given time. Many of our workers at our centres have experience working in primary school and high school settings and fully understand what children of these age brackets require.

Superstars Sports Holiday Clubs ensure that staffing ratios to children are in direct line with OFSTED regulations (if not a better ratio) to ensure that your children are safe, secure and enjoying their time when taking part at our holiday clubs. Below are the OFSTED ratio regulations:

  • 1 member of staff per 8 children between the ages of 5 and 7
  • 1 member of staff per 15 children aged 8 and over

Available on request at all of our venues are our venue specific policies such as equal opportunities, child protection and health and safety. Furthermore, at every site there is a fully qualified first aider available.