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Multi Sport


Little Superstars Sports Club have been providing multi sport sessions for children from walking age to five for over ten years. We pride ourselves on our fun, engaging and unique session plans that are designed to develop children in their key fundamentals and ABC’s (agility, balance and co-ordination).

Every week, the children are given the opportunity to experience one of our 18 different sports that we have to offer. On top of this, the children are taught the importance of warming up and cooling down whenever taking part in sporting activities in the form of fun educational games and stretches.

When at a young age, we recommend that children are to participate in multi sport sessions. This then gives them the opportunity to select their favourite sport that they may want to pursue in later life rather than prioritise on a particular sport.

Every child who attend our under 5 multi sports sessions receive a fully qualified and DBS checked coach whose fun and caring personality will guide them through the beginning of their sporting journey. At the end of a Little Superstars Sports session, the children will receive a sticker for their hard work and effort.