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Under 5

Balance Bikes Sessions.

Learning to ride a bike is part of growing up and is a lifetime skill. Children often do not progress quickly and get stuck using stabilisers. Little Superstars has developed a programme for using balance bikes. The children will learn the skill of balancing before they start to pedal.

The session are fun, and encourage them to use core skill such as balance, spatial awareness, gross motor control and will improve their confidence. Bikeability research has found that by the time they are 6 years of age, 40% of children are unable to ride a bike. How fantastic would it be for your school or nursery to be able to help these children ride a bike so young.

The children will learn to:-
• Identify parts of the balance bike
• Get on and off a balance bike comfortably
• Set off with control
• Push and glide
• Stop with control a) with feet b) with brake
• Make the bike go where they want
• Be aware of the surroundings (look around)