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Childhood obesity is on the increase. By the time children are 6 years of age, 1 in 10 will be obese. Little Superstars Sports Club and Superstars Sports Club classes are designed to introduce children to the world of sports and fitness in a fun and exciting way. At each class all the children learn to do a warm up; including running and active stretching, which prepares them for the class ahead along with fun warm up games that are both educational and fun as well as building up stamina and fitness levels.During each class an activity or sport of the week is introduced. Children are taught sports fundamentals i.e. foot and eye co-ordination, hand and eye co-ordination, balance, flexibility and reaction time.  They learn to develop their key skills around each of the various sports which are covered in the sessions. The sports that are covered by the Little Superstars and Superstars Sports Club coaches in the classes include football, basketball, rugby, racquet sports, golf, cricket and an obstacle course, amongst others; our list of sports offered continues to grow.The cool down session that ends each class includes a selection of stretches, parachute play, horse riding and bubbles.

The benefits to your children include;
*       Improved ball skills using the various
*    A stronger bond built up between child and parent/carer 
*       Develop children’s team building skills 
*       Learning to take their turn 
*       Learning to share the equipment when necessary
       Learning that sports are fun through the various games and skills sessions
*       Build self esteem and confidence
*       Stronger bones and muscles 
*       Helps control body fat to prevent obesity
       Helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
If children who are not naturally sporty start to take part in sporting activities when they are young they tend to grow up to appreciate sport more and wish to partake in sport on a more regular basis rather than trying to avoid such activities. The overall aim is to provide a lively but structured and controlled session that children will enjoy, and will want to come back to week after week.

Classes are broken down into three areas
·       Walking age to 2 year old (30 minute session). These sessions are based around the fun games and using some of the ball skills in preparation for the 50 minute classes (includes warm up and cool down). Must be good walkers.
·       Two year old to three year old (50 minute session)These sessions include fun games, various exercises, skills session of the theme of the week, including and active warm up and cool down.
·       3 year old to reception school age (50 minute session)   Children will be given further opportunity to develop their skills
Look on our classes and parties pages for your nearest venue and class.  If you can not find a class near you, why not think about starting your own franchise