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About Us

Louise Nicholson started the Little Superstars Sports Club back in 2006 when as a mum of two boys, she noticed a gap in the availability of active and structured sports sessions for young children aged between that of a walking age up to 6 year olds. Both Louise and her husband Stuart (a Physical Education Instructor) devised the multi sports sessions, to introduce children to various sports i.e. basketball, handball, lacrosse, rugby, etc but alongside developing their sports fundamentals (hand and eye co-ordination, ball skills, reaction time, flexibility, balance, and foot and eye co-ordination). Her main aim of the sessions were for children to have fun and be active which she has developed with her unique ideas and concept. She was aware that there were many sports available that parents and children may wish to pursue as they were not always readily available within various communities.

As a company we have thoroughly researched the growing trend of childhood obesity and its resultant health issues affecting the youth of today. After 12 years of research into the onset of diabetes in children and obesity the Earlybird Diabetes Trust recently stated;

“Obesity starts early. All children gain weight during growth, but we are interested in the excess gained. There is much concern about school meals, PE time, after-school clubs, television viewing, computer games and green space in the cause of childhood obesity - all of them primary school issues. However, we find that over 90% of the excess weight in girls, and over 70% in boys, is gained before the child ever gets to school age.” (Gardner D S-L, Pediatrics, 2008).

The national obesity figures for 2006 show that, among children aged 2-15, almost 1 in 3 (nearly 3 million) – are overweight and obese (29.7%) and approximately 1 in 6 (about 1.5 million) are obese (16%). In 2006-08 the Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust found that more than 1 in 5 of the children measured in reception year (aged 4-5 years), were either overweight or obese (22% & 20.4% respectively).

With the above figures in mind, we have shown great interest and enthusiasm that Little Superstars Sports Club will encourage children and parents to be more active along with finding a sport or sports to which their child wishes to pursue.

Little Superstars Sports Club has now moved onto Superstars Sports Club for children aged between 5-11 year old providing sessions within a school setting, holiday clubs and the ever popular multi sports or single sports parties.